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The Luxe package includes 1 x Concept Board + 2 revisions
After you have shared all your information with your personal interior designer, they will then assemble, what is known as a Concept Board. This board will comprise of a visual and verbal representation of what your designer has taken from your information.  It’s a starting point so you can visualise the essence of your design.  

The board may not include furniture but colours, images and styles. This will give you an early indication that your designer has understood your vision. If you have asked your designer to go with it and use her design skills and you wish not to be too involved, then it just ensures that you are happy with the direction of the project.

Below are 3 very different versions of a Concept Board. Your Concept Board will be a bespoke version of this.


If your space is lacking any substance or style, it's likely the room needs finishing touches. This is where your space all comes together and will give it that polished professional feel. The secret is balance and our designers trained eye will know at once what is needed. 

Once your designer has an image of your room he/she will source any of the below items helping to add cohesion and balance to your space.

Your accessories/finishing touches package will include any the following;

  • Artificial or real plants            
  • Clocks
  • Candles/candle holders        
  • Flower vases
  • Cushions                
  • Rugs/throws
  • Fireplace accessories            
  • Doormats
  • Picture frames                
  • Table/floor lamps
  • Small storage                
  • Waste bins
  • Wall hangings/art/murals/posters    
  • Mirrors

online interior design

This includes all you will need for your space such as fabric for the curtains, sofa, cushions and chairs etc. This will be itemised separately with sizes, colours and SKU numbers plus a link to the website where you may purchase your products.
Please note: This is NOT the same package as the Accessories package.

Online Interior design

Flooring is likely to take a large chunk of your budget and choosing it is far more challenging than just finding the perfect-looking product. Many other factors have to be taken into account for instance such as children, dogs, moisture, durability, noise, costs, and much more, all of this can have an immense impact on your decision. Our designers know about every type of flooring, and they will be able to guide you so you can feel confident in knowing you have made the right choice.

If you have ever thought that the layout of your space looks wrong and you just can't work out why it's not gelling, then this package is for you. While to some this may seem like a relatively simple exercise to accomplish, mapping out the correct placement of your furniture can be quite daunting, especially if it is already in situ. A pair of fresh qualified eyes will be able to tell you immediately. If it has not been delivered or you are moving a furniture placement plan will save you time and a lot of energy later moving heavy furniture items around. 

This package includes a 2D floor plan of your space with your furniture added into the plan and a flow chart/map of traffic routes around your space helping you to make the most of the positioning of your furniture, ensuring there is ample space to manoeuvre around without colliding with the other furniture. 

What your designer will need from you;

  • Photographs of your room
  • A floor plan with measurements 
  • Images and dimensions of the furniture you would like in the space
  • Images and dimensions of any other items you wish to add

Please note: If you feel unsure about taking measurements or photographing your room, we offer a package to help you with this here

Lighting is the secret weapon in any great designer's arsenal. Also known as layering, and it can transform a space at the flick of a switch. Whether it's AMBIENT lighting, (general lighting such as track or downlights), TASK lighting (under-cabinet, table lamps, shaver lights) or ACCENT lighting, (picture lights, LED strip lights, effect lighting), you can rest assured your designer will create the right bespoke lighting design for your space. Once you have uploaded a rough floor plan your designer will go to work, while keeping within your budget to find you a fabulous bespoke lighting design. The lighting products can be sourced from Ikea, Wayfair or from one of our wholesale suppliers. 

Please note: our designers will not be able to produce a plan for a complete rewire in this package as this is a specialised job and will require an electrical engineer. What they will do is source any of the items below for a room of your choice. You will notice immediately the difference just how having the correct light can make you feel.

Depending on your chosen room this would include;

  • Bathroom cabinet and mirror lighting 
  • Bathroom lighting    
  • Ceiling lighting    
  • Downlighting        
  • Floor lamps        
  • Kitchen lighting
  • Pendant lights
  • Spotlights        
  • Table lamps
  • Wall lighting

It's easy to have a wobble when getting creative! And whether it's daring to go dark with paint or thinking of using a bold pattern wallpaper. This is where a trained designer's eye can offer their years of experience and point out the pitfalls. There is so much choice out there when it comes to choosing paint and wallpaper

Whatever type of windows you have, we have designers trained just in this specialist field. With the countless types of styles and shapes for window treatments available today, it's helpful to get some advice and guidance about your own style of windows. 
Your window treatment package will include the following;
Accessories; valances, tiebacks, headings

  • Hardware; Rods, poles, finials,
  • Linings; standard, blackout, lining, interlining     
  • Style; Roman, pinch pleat curtain, wooden 
  • Suitability; linen, cotton, velvet            
  • Type; curtains, blinds, shutters                
  • What your designer will need from you;
  • Your colour scheme
  • Images of your room 
  • Images head-on of the window with measurements above and below
  • Dimensions of your actual window/s
  • Placement of your windows in the room

Every finished room is accompanied by a clickable shopping list. All you will need to do is simply click the link to your chosen product and the link will take you to websites page so you can simply pay for the item there. Please note: We are in the process of setting up a full Concierge Service so we can handle all your items and 

In addition to our Concept Board/s (Digital Mood or Sample Boards) & Revision/s you will receive;

80% savings on that of a traditional interior designer 
Your own personal account where you will receive full interactive collaboration via our portal (Design Hub) where your chosen design will offer help and advice via email, telephone and/or Skype.

  • A full, detailed, clickable, digital shopping list with a photograph of the product, product name, dimensions, colour selections, SKU numbers or GTIN (global trade item number), price and if we have managed to obtain any discount for you and a link to the website where you may purchase your product/s
  • Access to designer discounts where possible
  • 100% satisfaction or your money back
  • A full description and explanation to help you pull your whole design together.

The only difference in the cost of the packages is in how many concept ideas and revisions you wish to have.
All packages are inclusive of the following;

  • Accessories selection (bought separately would cost £150)
  • Flooring Package (bought separately would cost (£60)
  • Furniture placement Plan (bought separately would cost £25)
  • Lighting Selection (bought separately would cost (£100)
  • Paint and Fabric and/or Wallpaper Selection (£40)
  • Window Treatment Selection (£250)