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Sustainable interior design

 To not only commemorate our presence at this year's House and Garden Festival, we thought, in line with our beliefs, that it was timely to introduce a Sustainable Package. 

There are so many reasons to build or renovate in a sustainable way, one of which includes our children's and their children's future. And as designers it's our job and a duty of care to offer our clients not just to design the most cost-effective, stylish interiors but to keep in mind how their purchases will impact the future of our environment.

Whether you are starting with a new-build or simply want to renovate, incorporating sustainable and eco friendly products in your home can help on so many levels. Don't be Greenwashed, our designers know and have worked on many large projects that include using a lot of sustainable and eco-friendly products and are here to help you with your sustainable design. Just a few of the products they may suggest are;

  • Countertops made from recycled glass
  • Photovoltaic panels, this converts solar energy directly into electricity. 
  • Living walls. These act as natural air filters
  • Geothermal heating and cooling systems
  • Rainwater collection/harvesting
  • Waterless urinal and low-flow toilets
  • LED lighting
  • Eco-friendly decking made form 95% recycled wood and plastic film
  • Low-flow shower head
  • Biodegradable garden pots
  • Solar powered lawn mowers
  • Portable solar charging stations
  • Solar powered attic fan
  • Solar water heatingAnd so much more
  • Recycled plastic furniture (that looks amazing)
  • Your designer will talk to you about what is available. 

If you wish to purchase this package, there is no extra charge just remember to add it to your basket when checking out.