Lighting Package £100 | Designs Direct
Interior design on a budget

Light can make or break a design and the secret to good lighting is layering. It has been proven that some people's energy levels wane when around decreased lighting and poor lighting conditions can impact the amount of melatonin that's produced, which means it is affecting your mood, so it's really important to get right. Increasing the levels of light can often return your body back to it's natural balance, this in turn increases your levels of serotonin.

Whether you are looking for task (reading), ambient (general) or accent (atmospheric) lighting your designer will create the right bespoke lighting design package for your space. 

Your designer will require;

  • Photographs of your room
  • Your current lighting selection unless it is for a new room

Please note; This package does not include a complete rewiring of a property. It is for one room only.