Furniture Layout Package with 2D layout and flow £25 | Designs Direct

This is good if;

  • You are thinking of purchasing new furniture
  • Have recently ordered new furniture
  • Have recently moved into a new home
  • Are just not happy with your furniture layout as it is.

So, you're loving the space you have, everything looks great except you're not entirely happy with the layout of the furniture and you're not entirely sure the new furniture you have will even fit in the room. In order to make a space work for you, there are several things to bear in mind. It is possible that the furniture you have chosen will only work in one particular layout, however before moving any furniture, especially heavy items, it's worth doing a plan of the room beforehand, this way you will have a great furniture layout that works in your space. Once you have sent photographs and measurements of your room, one of our  designers will work out how your furniture will work best.

Not only should your furniture layout look right, more importantly it has to flow. Interior designers are trained in knowing how much space should be left between furniture to allow a proper flow. This means, if space allows, your dining room chairs should allow enough room for guests to get in and out, this is especially important if the chairs are situated against any walls. There are also rules about distance between coffee tables and sofas which allow enough space so guests can move freely. 

Once your designer has your information, he/she will be able to advise you on  the very best layout for your room. While this seems a simple enough project to do, most of us are living in rooms that could actually work so much better.