Individual Packages

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Individual Packages

We realise that not everyone will want the full works and therefore to make this service affordable to everyone, we have added several packages that you may purchase separately. As some of our designers are fully qualified in many others areas of interior design as well, we wanted to make them fully available to everyone.

Accessories Package

What's included

If your space is lacking any substance or style, it's likely the room needs finishing touches. This is where your design all comes together and will give it that polished professional feel. The secret is balance and our designers trained eye will know at once what is needed.

Once your designer has an image of your room he/she will source any of the below items helping to add cohesion and balance to your space.

Your accessories/finishing touches package will include any the following;

• Artificial or real plants
• Candles/candle holders
• Clocks
• Cushions
• Doormats
• Fireplace accessories
• Flower Vases
• Mirrors
• Picture frames
• Rugs/throws
• Small storage
• Table/floor lamps
• Wallhangings/art/murals/posters
• Waste Bins

What your designer will need from you;

  • Your colour scheme or will help you to chose it
  • Images of your room 
  • A floor plan with dimensions
  • Possibly fabric samples or colour chips

Commercial Design

What's included


Feng Shui

What's included

Coming Soon

Feng shui, also known as Chinese geomancy is a pseudoscience originating from China, is the art or science of arranging the elements of a space in order to allow the maximum possible flow of positive chi. …

The term feng shui literally translates as "wind-water" in English. Feng shui is one of the Five Arts of Chinese Metaphysics, classified as physiognomy (observation of appearances through formulas and calculations). The feng shui practice discusses architecture in terms of "invisible forces" that bind the universe, earth, and humanity together, known as qi.

You can now turn your living space or work area into an area that is filled with positive energy. We have Feng Shui specialists that will show you just how it is done.

As every project is different, we ask that you email or call us for more information. or 020 7228 5398

Furniture Layout

What's included

Best Furniture Layout for my Room

I have...
A new space and new furniture
My current space and new furniture
My current space and current furniture
While you make think this is an easy one, you may be surprised to learn just how many of us purchase new furniture without asking 'will my furniture fit through the main front door? Did you measure the door frame? Hum..didn't think of that huh. Measurements are just part of this package. Rooms need to flow. That dining table you have seen may look perfect in the store but will it fit in your space and if does, will there be enough room for friends and family to actually pull the chairs out so they can sit down? 

Is there enough room between the sofa and the coffee table to reach for a drink or a snack? With house prices continually rising, a lot of us have to adapt to living in smaller accommodations and getting the layout of a room can be tricky.

It is possible that the furniture you have chosen or have will only work in one particular layout, however, before moving any furniture, especially heavy items, it's worth doing a floor plan of the room. Our designers are used to planning layouts so let them solve the solution for you!

They will need;
A rough floor plan of your room
Photographs of the furniture that you would like placed in the room
Please note that all our designers have experience in this field.

Home Staging

What's included

Thanks to television programs such as 'Location, Location, Location', most of us are now familiar with the phrase ‘kerb appeal’ and ‘depersonalise’ but it actually goes a lot further as you will want any potential buyers to imagine themselves living in your home, so it stands to reason that if your property is sticking on the market, something needs to change.

Our designers will walk you through the stages to get your property looking it's best so that you may achieve your asking price or close to it.

 The overall fee usually depends on a percentage of the property price. As each project differs you will need to speak directly to your designer about your own individual situation before commencement.

To enquire please send an email to or call us on 020 7228 5398.

Home Staging POA

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Lighting Package

What's included

Science suggests that some people's energy levels wane when around decreased lighting and poor lighting conditions can impact the amount of melatonin that's produced, which means it is affecting your mood, so it's really important to get right. Increasing the levels of light can often return your body back to its natural balance, this, in turn, increases your levels of serotonin.

Lighting is the secret weapon in any great designer's arsenal. Also known as layering, and it can transform a space at the flick of a switch. Whether it's AMBIENT lighting, (general lighting such as track or downlights), TASK lighting (under cabinet, table lamps, shaver lights) or ACCENT lighting, (picture lights, LED strip lights, effect lighting), you can rest assured your designer will create the right bespoke lighting design for your space. Once you have uploaded a rough floor plan your designer will go to work, whilst keeping within your budget to find you a fabulous bespoke lighting design. The lighting products can be sourced from Ikea, Wayfair or from one of our wholesale suppliers.

Please note: our designers will not be able to produce a plan for a complete rewire as this is a specialised job and will require an electrical engineer. What they will do is source any of the items below for a room of your choice. You will notice immediately the difference just how having the correct light can make you feel.

 May include;

  • Uplights
  • Downlight
  • Table Lamps
  • Floor Lamps
  • Bedside Table Lamps
  • Desk Lamps
  • Wall Sconces
  • Illuminated Mirror
  • Reading Lights
  • Picture Lights

What your personal interior designer will need from you;

  • A list of lighting that you are looking for and where you would like it to go
  • Photographs of your room where you would like the lighting
  • A floor plan with measurements
  • A complete layout of your furniture and it's placement in the room

Paint/Wallpaper Package

What's included

It's easy to have a wobble when getting creative! And whether it's daring to go dark with paint or thinking of using a bold pattern wallpaper. This is where a trained designer's eye can offer their years of experience and point out the pitfalls. There is so much choice out there when it comes to choosing paint and wallpaper. Should you chose paint or should you opt for wallpaper and which wallpaper if you do?

Out clever designers can help you chose from the plethora of styles, designs, colours and patterns. Wallpaper and paint can make an enormous difference to a room so it makes sense to get help with this.



Renters Package

What's included

Oh my, this one is soooo much fun. A lot of us have been there, not enough cash to get on the property ladder or needing temporary digs but even though you are renting, there's no reason that your home should not reflect your personality. Did you know there are tons of products out there to make your rented home look like your dream home? Forget Magnolia or even white, we are living in an age where there are products on the market that are now totally removable. Our designers have had plenty of experience sourcing products specifically for use in rental accommodation. New products such as Peel and Stick removable wallpaper, removable flooring, wall decals and a whole host of other great products can be yours and the great thing is that most of them can move with you when you leave! We'd say that was a win-win, wouldn't you?

Don't like the blinds, no problem, hate the splash-back in the kitchen, we can find one you will love. There is actually not much you can't change.

How it works;
Send us a clear image or your space/s and what you want to change. Your chosen designer will get to work sourcing everything you'll need to make your pad look like a palace! Making sure you get back your full deposit.

  • Wallpaper/Removable Decals
  • Flooring
  • Kitchen Cupboards
  • Bathroom Tiles
  • And lots more

This could take you hours putting it together yourself so why not let your very own interior designer do it for you? He/she will then send you a fab Concept Board with some awesome bespoke ideas for you to approve. You can make two revisions if you need to but we think you're going to absolutely LURVE the first!


What's included

It's never too early for Christmas!

If you have guests coming for Christmas, the chances are you are going to be super busy cooking, tidying and wrapping goodies for the whole family, decorating is just another part of what needs to be organised. 

Whether you have your own decorations or the need to purchase new ones, our team of qualified interior designers will help you make your Christmas a magical Christmas.

If you want to use your own decorations, send a pic of them and the colour scheme plus a few pics of the areas that you would like to decorate. 

If you want new decorations, our gifted and talented designers will send you information about where to buy the best and most inexpensive Christmas decorations. Send some pics of the areas that you would like to decorate and our designers will get to work making your whole scheme cohesive, magical and fun. 



Ho Ho Ho!!! £150

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Window Treatment Package

What's included

With so much choice today to choose from, it's hard to make the right decision about which colour and style would best and compliment your windows. From plantation shutters, roman blinds to elegant traditional swags, from roller blinds to cafe curtains, the list goes on and on. Then there's the choice of unlined, lined or interlined. And it doesn't stop there, what about colour and trimmings?

If the thought of finding answers to these questions leaves you spinning, our designers are here to help you wade through the decisions and help you make the right choice to dress your windows.

These are just some of the curtain headings you will have to choose from and then there are the blinds!

Back Tab(Concealed Tab Top)
Box Pleat
Double Box Pleat
Double or triple pleat
Double Pinch Pleat
Gathered 1" tape or cottage pleats
Goblet Pleat
Pencil Pleat
Pinch Pleat
Tap top
Triple Box Pleat
Triple Pinch Pleat
Versatile Pleat

Fear not, our lovely designers will help you through the maze of different types to chose from and will help you to make the right decision for your windows.


If you're unsure, our main packages offer a fabulous selection of services per room Click Here