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Hello, my name is

Tracy Graham

  • scandinavian
  • mid century modern
  • shabby chic
  • contemporary
  • coastal/beach
  • cool britannia
  • country
  • vintage industrial
  • boudoir
  • art deco
  • bachelor pad

About Me

 Contemporary - Mid Century Modern - Coastal - Cool Britannia - County - Shabby Chic - Scandinavian -Vintage Industrial Boudoir - Art Deco Bachelor Pad 

As a young girl, I got to travel to many countries around the world, whilst I was working in the pop/music business. I was lucky enough to get to stay in some of the worlds most amazing hotels. This most certainly ignited the interior design spark within me. Some of the places I got to stay in were so very cutting edge with a contemporary designed elegance, that was beautiful and oh so cool.

I always took tons of photos of all the details to capture ideas, colours and materials used within the hotels. I loved some of the quirky designs that seemed to just make a room pop and come to life! Philippe Starck was one of the top designers at the time, who was new and very exciting, designing the fabulous interiors of hotels like the Delano in Miami and The Royalton in New York. These hotels were so inspiring with such a great unique design and they filled me with inspiration. 

Once back in the UK, I found that I actually seemed to have a good eye for pulling design ideas together and making them work within my own home. Friends started asking me to help them with the interior design of their properties and I guess that’s what gave me the passion to become an interior designer.

I can’t help getting inspired by visiting or staying at a lovely hotel that has paid attention to detail, as that is what I believe interior design is all about. You have to know what will work together to complement and balance a room or a space. The right colours and tones, from wall coverings to furniture, flooring and soft furnishings. I also love architecture and find that art galleries are always good to walk around for a bit of inspiration too, especially some of the new contemporary buildings.

I thrive on creating a beautiful home, space and lifestyles for people. Whether it is a residential or Commercial design I am working on, for me the concept is to make everything flow. I always like to listen to see how people like to live within their property, making sure it works for every member of the family. Although my style has a contemporary and clean feel, I still like to add warmth and texture with lot’s of soft furnishings to make it warm and homely. I love trying to fit hidden storage into a space, as everyone always needs more storage! Transforming a space into something beautiful always is something I love doing, it always excites me.

Kelly Hoppen, Tod Hunter Earle, Charles Bateson, Hill House, Taylor Howes, Louise Bradley, Alexander James

Areas of expertise:
Residential  Design
Commercial Design
Layout and storage
Listening to clients needs and making the space work for them
Working to a budget and creating a beautiful space

Hourly Rate £70
Daily Rate £280

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Sorry, I'm not available right now.