100% Money Back Guarantee | Designs Direct

Here at Direct Designs, we understand that any kind of design is subjective, however we base our business on your happiness and that is why we offer our DESIGNS DIRECT 100% money back guarantee  

Once your project has started, you will be sent your first CONCEPT BOARD/S which is based on the information you provided in your Design Brief and information if any via telephone or Skype calls. Your designer will do their best to take that information and provide you with their interpretation of what they think you would like. If you are unhappy with the initial concept/s board that your designer has created for you, (no matter how many, this of course will be in accordance with your package) and you wish to try another interior designer, please contact us right away or within 72 hours on 020 7228 5398 or email us at info@designsdirect.co.uk/100%moneyback



We will offer you the option of choosing another designer. Our aim is to make every client happy and spread the word and we will always go the extra mile to help and get it right as much as we can but if we haven't, we would feel exactly the same as you and would want a full refund, so naturally that is what would do.

In order to process the refund, we would like to speak with you directly about the digital concept board/s you received, to see where we can make a difference for you and for the future.